Green Beans for Weight Loss

Green beans go by different names, and approximately 150 varieties exist in the world. They can adapt to numerous climatic condition from Mexico, US, Africa and Asia.
Benefits of Green Beans
As much as they are not everyone favorite food, consuming green beans for weight loss is recommended by nutritionists since they are high in fiber, low in fat and have added nutrients.  They contain high amounts of vitamin K, C, B2, E, and B6.
You can eat them without worrying about adding calories to your body. This factor makes them suitable for controlling excessive calories, thus improving the management of diabetes.
When you need a quick source of fiber, try having one full serving which gives the recommended 12% of the fiber in a healthy diet. The right amount of fiber intake can reduce the waistline by burning belly fat.
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Fiber takes an extended period for digestion, and this helps in staving unwanted food cravings, consuming fewer calorie…